BlackBerry Bold Modem, Software, and Tips and Tricks

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Mobile Carriers that offer the BlackBerry Bold
Canda - Rogers Bold
U.S - AT&T Bold

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Modem - HOW?

If you have a Blackberry and a laptop, we can show you how to configure your BlackBerry to be used as a modem. With our BlackBerry application called Shark Modem you will be surfing the internet in less in 7 mins.

  1. Economical
  2. Ease of use
  3. It just makes sense

The advantages of using your BlackBerry Bold as a modem

If you download Shark Modem TODAY you will be able to avoid the following:

  1. Being stuck at the airport without an internet connection
  2. At a hotel paying outrageous internet usage fees.
  3. Avoid working in noisey lan houses
  4. Paying monthly Mobile Carrier BlackBerry tether charges
  5. Tired of dealing with unlimited data plans that just cripples BlackBerry users

Start using your BlackBerry Bold as a modem NOW!

With our BlackBerry modem application called "Shark Modem" you will be surfing the internet in less in 7 mins.

Click the following link and experience Internet access TODAY! >> Enable my BlackBerry Bold modem

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